Fashion Held in Common embraces fashion as a mode of human togetherness. There is never an ‘I’ before ‘we’; being is always already ‘being with’. Fashion is the affirmation of that relationship and a vital part of our human experience. It is our common ground, through which we share and position ourselves. Fashion is the expression of our desire to belong and our intrinsic need to contribute; our presence and our participation are a gift to the world.

Fashion doesn’t limit itself to garments. It expresses itself in our speech, in our movements, in the objects we create and in the way we shape and perform our identities and relationships. It is a very lively and exciting space.

Human plurality is the dynamic agent of fashion. By being together, our differences come into play, each of us contributing our unique voice and perspective. In this vivid dance, we exchange, we inspire, we create, and we celebrate; together we are in a perpetual state of becoming.

With this awareness of the joyful potential of our interdependence, how do we create our actions and activities to be of benefit to others? How do we engage the transformative power of fashion to empower ourselves and our communities? How can we shape our (material) fashion practices to become catalysts for social, economic, ecological and cultural change?

In Fashion Held in Common, we wish to actively engage fashion’s compassionate potential to meet our common needs for connection, belonging, exchange, mutuality and well-being.