Archived News Post: Introduction
Public Lecture by Robert Sember
Ultra-Red Talk
24 October 2018

In the worlds of sound art and modern electronic music, Ultra-red pursue a fragile dynamic exchange between art and political organising. Found in 1994 by two AIDS activists, researchers and organisers from different social movements including the struggles of migration, anti-racism, participatory community development, and the politics of HIV/AIDS. Collectively, the group have produced radio broadcasts, performances, recordings, installations, texts and public space actions (ps/o).

Exploring the acoustic space as enunciative of social relations, Ultra-red take up the acoustic mapping of contested spaces and histories utilising sound-based research (termed Militant Sound Investigations) that directly engage the organising and analyses of political struggles. In the session, Robert Sember will provide some background on Ultra-Red and address some issues of concern in their current initiatives.