Archived News Post: Introduction
Public lecture by Bibi Straatman
Slow Change. 
The struggle with discipline and the deliverance of the new
8 November 2018

Bibi Straatman will review the concept of change and the obsession with the new within the modern political tradition of revolt and revolution. The lecture will propose a slow but steady inner revolt as the starting point for 21st century models and frameworks for change. How do we simultaneously root ourselves in the fertile ground of forefathers and mothers and in very private and local practices and rituals?

Dr. Bibi Straatman holds a master degree in political philosophy and held a post-doctoral position in psychoanalysis. She completed her doctoral research in the interdisciplinary field of political philosophy, cultural studies & gender studies.

She works as an artistic research coach at several master institutes, and gives lectures and workshops. She directs the research line Being Political in Art & Design for the professorship ‘Image in Context’, at Minerva, Groningen. As a member of Insistance, she focusses on the public and political role of art, culture, and psychoanalysis in our consumer societies, in the context of which she currently works on a Dictionary of the Language of the Post-Truth Empire and on a colloquium about hate. She also directs a research through walking; dialoguing about the pivotal role of law, beyond the utopian logic of identity politics and grace.