Archived News Post: Introduction
Public lecture by About a Worker
13 December 2018

About A Worker is a fashion brand that gives garment workers from around the world the opportunity to become designers through a self-expression initiation and a creative collaboration. The collections do not follow seasons, but rather rotate, based on countries of production. About a Worker paves the way for a new fashion system by giving garment workers a chance to reveal their unique vision of the fashion industry through the clothes they design.

Kim Hou
Kim graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and is the initiator of AAW. She considers herself as a fashionable, but politically engaged designer. Her work focuses on environmental and social matters happening in our globalised fashion industry. Her goal is to find innovative creation and production methods suitable in today’s World.

Paul Boulenger
Originally from a business background, Paul decided to focus on garment production methods by exploring workers conditions in various factories, in France and in developing countries. He believes that sustainability and creativity are applicable even in the most unexpected places.