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Harvest festival
12 August 2018

On August 12th of 2018, Fashion Held in Common organised a collective Harvest Festival at the Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem to celebrate our first homegrown crop of flax. To joyfully kick off ‘The Linen Project’ together we harvested and processed the fully grown flax, which we had planted 100 days before. Through the traditional rippling we separated the seeds, then laid out the stems back on the land to dry for about two more weeks (retting) to prepare the precious fibers for further processing during the coming winter months.

The Linen Project is a long term multi-disciplinary research project within the Ecosystems research area of Fashion Held in Common, the new ArtEZ MA Fashion Design programme. We are looking at how to sustainably revive the local production of flax and linen and linen products in a sustainable way. Together with local farmers we are learning how to prepare and work the land to grow flax and the stages involved in manually processing the precious linen fibers obtained from the flax plant.

We believe it is through spending time and energy learning how to grow and process our own raw materials that we can start to relate and connect on a personal level to the deep transformative human values of fashion and design.

Added: 12 August 2018


(video by Thijs Adriaans)