General Information

Fashion Held in Common, the MA Fashion Design programme at ArtEZ, welcomes participants who share the urgency to contribute to our common well-being by embracing the empowering aspects of fashion, garments, and performativity. The programme supports and encourages creative practices in a diverse range of artistic and academic fields, including economics.

Admission Requirements

The MA programme Fashion Held in Common requires that you have a bachelor’s degree in any creative field, including liberal arts.

Admission Criteria

Applicants will be evaluated based on their reflective ability regarding the current state of fashion and the relevance of their practice within the context of the programme, as evidenced in their research proposal. Applicants will also be evaluated based on their letter of motivation, in which they outline how they both can benefit from and contribute to the programme (see Admission Procedure).

Please make sure that you are well-informed about the content and the objectives of the new MA Fashion Design curriculum, Fashion Held in Common. It is important to note that we do not offer a traditional course in fashion skills and design. The curriculum is structured to support participants in creating and cultivating an autonomous practice and or business that they will go on to sustain beyond the two-year study. Compassionate Communication, as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, is a core practice of the programme.

A maximum of twelve applicants will be admitted to the MA Fashion Design programme per course year. Upon successful completion of the MA Fashion Design programme, participants receive a Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design (MA) diploma. A Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design is a graduate degree which is held equal to a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in the US, among other countries.

Language Requirements

Please take note of our language requirements. You will need to prove your language proficiency by providing a certificate stating your level before the 1st of July 2018. For more information, refer to the language requirements (Art & Design).

Enrolment & Admission Procedure

Please first register at Studielink.


You are required to first enrol through Studielink.
You will be asked to submit the following documents via email to, contact person: Hedwig Jansen.


1. A copy of your passport.

2. A copy of your bachelor diploma (preferably in English, including a list of credits).

3. A copy of your IELTS/TOEFL diploma, in fulfilment of the English language requirements.


After you have enrolled and submitted the documents listed above, you will receive an email regarding the admission procedure.

Admission Procedure

If your provided diploma(s) and documents are approved, the MA Fashion Design programme, Fashion Held in Common, will ask you to submit:


1. A substantial well-considered research proposal and or set of research questions, relating to one or more of the research areas mentioned in the course overview. Your research proposal and or research questions provide a detailed outline and structure for the practice that you intend to engage in during the two years of study.

2. A description of your current practice/business and how you see this evolving within the context of the MA Fashion Design programme, Fashion Held in Common.

3. A letter of motivation explaining your considerations in applying for this programme specifically, and what it is that you will contribute. Please ensure that you are well-informed about the course objectives and the content of the programme.

4. A CV (in English) that details your educational background and ongoing artistic practice.

5. A portfolio that best represents your current practice.


Based on the provided information selected candidates will be offered an admission interview, to be conducted by the Head of the MA Fashion Design and one or more of the programme lecturers. For candidates not living in the Netherlands, interviews will be conducted via Skype.


Please email your documents to Ms Maïté Tjon a Hie, course coordinator, at MasterFashionDesign@artez.nlIf your file size is greater than 5 MB, please send it through

Admission Interviews

All applicants will be notified within one week following the respective document submission deadline whether they will be invited for an admission interview or not. The document submission deadline for participants applying for a scholarship is March 13th. For all other applicants, the document submission deadline is April 15th (see enrollment deadlines below). The committee reserves the right to place an applicant on a waiting list if more time is required to make an admission decision. In this case, the outcome will be made known within one week following the next submission deadline.

Enrolment Deadlines

If you are a non-EU/EEA student and depend on an ArtEZ and or a Holland Scholarship, you will need to apply in Round 1 or 2. EU/EEA students and other non-EU/EEA students not depending on scholarships may apply in Round 3.


Round 1: Non-EU/EEA students applying for an ArtEZ and or a Holland Scholarship.


We highly recommend that Non-EU/EEA students who intend to apply for an ArtEZ and or a Holland Scholarship choose this route. The application process and necessary visa arrangements take time, and it is our experience that applicants encounter serious time constraints when applying in a later round.


January 2nd 2019 – Deadline for enrolment through Studielink.

January 16th 2019 – Deadline for document submission.

January 25th 2019 – Applicants notified.

February 13th 2019 – Admission interviews.



Round 2: Non-EU/EEA students applying for an ArtEZ and or a Holland Scholarship.


February 27th 2019 – Deadline for enrolment through Studielink.

March 13th 2019 – Deadline for document submission.

March 22nd 2019 – Applicants notified.

April 3rd 2019 – Admission interviews.



Round 3: EU/EEA and other non-EU/EEA students.


April 1st 2019 – Deadline for enrolment through Studielink.

April 15th 2019 – Deadline for document submission.

April 26th 2019 – Applicants notified.

May 14th and 15th 2019 – Admission interviews.


As Non-EU/EEA student, you must transfer a financial guarantee.

Financial Affairs

If you are a non-EU/EEA resident, there are two scholarships you can apply for: the ArtEZ scholarship and the Holland scholarship. The deadline for both scholarships is May 1st, 2018.

Each year ArtEZ awards a limited number of ArtEZ scholarships to new students from countries other than those of the European Economic Area (EEA). These are available to students who are unable to pay the current tuition fees. However, only students who fulfil particular artistic conditions are eligible. This means that a student may apply for a scholarship if he or she not only has a rare or exceptional artistic talent, but also depends on the subsidy so as to be able to study at ArtEZ. If you want to apply for the ArtEZ and or Holland Scholarship, it is necessary to apply for the course in the first admission round (starting January 2nd 2019).

Tuition Fees 2018-2019

Tuition Fees 2018-2019

EU/EEA students: The tuition fees do not cover additional expenses for, for instance; excursions (travel and accommodation costs), museum entrance fees, readers, books, materials (including fabrics), projects and presentations.

Check the Tuition Fees calculator.

More information on the Financial Guarantee

Student Affairs

For questions about tuition fees, financial guarantee, residence permits, accommodation, scholarships and your registration through Studielink, you can contact our Student Affairs department.

Contact Student Affairs for the MA Fashion Design programme: Ms Hedwig Jansen,, +31 (0)26 3535 654

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding the admission process, please feel free to contact our coordinator: Ms Maïté Tjon a Hie,