MA Fashion Design, ArtEZ, Arnhem (NL)

Fashion Held in Common invites you to join us in activating the dynamic and powerful potential of fashion to create social, cultural, ecological and economic change. The programme offers a clearing, an opening in which experimentation, curiosity and spontaneity are celebrated as operative modes of being.

How do I want to live? What brings me joy? How do I extend that joy to others? Fashion, garments and performativity are our tools and primary means of inquiry. Through integrated and holistic fashion practices we develop our potential to contribute and engage and expand our awareness of what it means to be human.

The curriculum is structured to support participants in creating, growing and cultivating an autonomous practice and or business that they will go on to sustain well beyond the two-year duration of the programme. The curriculum seeks to support this development through a combination of individual and collective experiences, within the programme and through immersive learning experiences with external partners.


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Plants in our space
An on-going story
3 September 2018—30 June 2019
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Anna said she would bring a plant and asked us to pick it up at the corner, since she hadn’t been able to find a parking space. We wondered why she needed two people to carry the plant until we saw her getting a ‘tree’ out of her car.



Lucie asked her boyfriend to bring three or four plants. He must have used a truck to transport all these plants because now we are surrounded by this beautiful nature. This particular plant is my favourite, but don’t tell the other plants – they’ll be jealous.



We have to talk about Lucie’s ‘forest’ another time. This cactus is one of the plants Lucie’s boyfriend brought along; it makes a sweet companion standing on Clementine’s desk beside a green bottle and a lemon (the lemon has probably disappeared by now).



I was talking to Pascale about my mom, who puts the root part of vegetables in a glass of water to grow and which later become part of her kitchen garden. The following day, Pascale brought along an onion which had already sprouted a tiny ‘green hat’. This has now grown into a ‘mohawk’ hairstyle. I suppose we haven’t had the onion for lunch yet because we’re waiting for the flower – a ‘punk head’ – to appear.



Although there aren’t any plants on Wenhai’s desk, he has brought oranges. We are now hoping he’ll use the seeds to grow an orange tree, but he doesn’t seem that interested.



In our studio, Alya’s garden is spreading out very fast.



Niki brought in this tall beauty, which has now been adorned with a pair of sunglasses and two paper cranes.


(Plant stories and drawings by Dani)

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16 March 2019
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